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For performance or heavy-duty use, the valve body calibration should be modified to increase transmission torque capacity. Though the transmission is electronically controlled, the valve body still controls full-throttle shift firmness and the ultimate torque-capacity of the transmission. Baumann Electronic
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(remember the shift pattern is reversed, PRN123). The manual shift control valve should extend approximately 3/32” out of its bore at the rear of the valve body. To adjust its position, carefully bend the “S” link connecting the manual valve to the selector lever. Install the filter and transmission pan. Fill with Dexron ATF. Do not overfill!
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Shift transmission into reverse and let run approximately (3) minutes. Running in reverse (3) minutes will give any contaminants in the transmission, converter, cooler or lines a chance to settle into the transmission pan and not be introduced to the automatic shift control part of the valve body or governor, causing the shift valves to stick.
atsg aode 4r70w 4r75e techtran transmission manual update handbook 1992 and up Sep 17, 2020 Posted By J. K. Rowling Public Library TEXT ID e7869508 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library 4R70W On Sale ... TCI 412200 C6 Competition Manual Transmission $1,685.87 ... $1,786.44 C6, Full manual Valve Body Style, Slip On Yoke Style ...
Nov 04, 2019 · On average, a transmission valve body piece will cost you anywhere from $200 to $500. Then you must consider the labor costs which will be quite extensive. Since replacing a transmission valve body can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to finish, you must figure the hourly rate of a mechanic is between $60 to $100. Transmission - Manual; 3 Speed Trans (RAT/RAN/HEF) ... Drivetrain & Transmission / Transmission ... AOD / 4R70W Custom Crossmember Kit 6047
4R70W (1995) is a modified version of AODE, which was used until 2006. In 1998, due to durability concerns, the intermediate one-way roller clutch was replaced with a mechanical diode providing extra holding capacity and longer service This transmission is a modification of AODE. Click on main category to see more related parts Home / 66-77 EARLY FORD BRONCO / DRIVETRAIN / AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS / AOD/AOD-E/4R70W Transmission Parts AOD/AOD-E/4R70W Transmission Parts Sort by $-$$$$ $$$$-$ Item # Name Rating Reviews Manufacturer Brand Best Seller Newest Oldest On Sale
The valve body is completely redesigned to a greater thickness for strength. Most obvious is the solenoids, which control shift function and converter The transmission filter on the AODE/4R70W is a press-in type with a rubber grommet and requires no tools. Make sure the old filter seal has been...
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