A 1500 kg elevator moves upward with constant speed

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Jan 01, 2013 · Fig. 4. Circuit simulation in Matlab/Simulink From figure 4, it simulates the motor speed to maintain constant speed at 1000 RPM, and to simulate, the example values are selected from a typical PM motor which 625 Nm, 0 Nm, -625 Nm are entered. The configuration parameters used in the simulation are shown in Table 1 [5].
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6.1) A 500 kg elevator is pulled upward with a constant force of 5500 N for a distance of 50.0 m. What is the net work done on the elevator? 6.2) A 30 N box is pulled 6.0 m up a 37° inclined plane. What is the work done by gravity on the box?
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(2 pts) A box is pushed and slides at a constant speed on a rough horizontal surface. The FBD is shown below. P is the push force, F the friction force, W the weight, and N the normal force. Which forces are 3rd law partner forces? 10.2 kg 26.3 kg 38.7 kg 100 kg 10 sin(8) lb 10 cos(8) lb 10 lb
moving with a constant speed v. For example, a car might be traveling To maintain a constant speed, the engine must exert a constant force F equal to the combined effects of friction, gravity The elevator exerts an upward normal force on the package, and hence does positive work on it.The object moves with: c A constant acceleration c B constant speed c C constant velocity c D increasing acceleration. An 1800 kg elevator moves up and down on a cable. Calculate the tension force in the cable for the following cases: a) the elevator moves at a constant speed upward.
A 500 kg elevator is pulled upward by a constant force of 5,500 N for a distance of 50.0 m. a) Find the work done by the upward force. b) Find the work done by the gravitational force. A trailer of mass 600 kg is connected to a car of mass 1500 kg by means of a light rigid tow bar. The car is moving up a line of greatest slope of a plane inclined at θ to the horizontal, where sin 7 25 θ= , as shown in the figure above. A constant resistance of magnitude 400 N acts on the car, and a constant resistance Example Case 2: A person of mass 72.2 kg is in an elevator. Determine what the scale they are standing on would read in each of the circumstances: a. The elevator is moving up at a constant speed. b. The elevator is moving down at a constant speed. c. The elevator is accelerating up at 3.20 m/s2. d. The elevator is accelerating downward at 3.20 ... What is the scale reading if the elevator has an acceleration of (a) 1.8 m/s2 up? (b) 1.8 m/s2 down? (c) 9.8 m/s2 down? (828 N, 571 N, zero) 9) An elevator starts from rest with a constant upward acceleration. It moves 2.0 m in the first 0.60 s. A passenger in the elevator is holding a 3.0 kg package by a vertical string.
Apr 29, 2015 · reducing the speed required for orbit by 400 m/s doubles the size of the payload and reduces the cost by 50%, reducing the speed required for orbit by 800 m/s triples the size of the payload and reduces the cost by 67%, reducing the speed required for orbit by 1,600 m/s increases the payload by a factor of 6 and reduces the cost by 84%.
Solved: A 1500-kg Elevator Moves Upward With Constant Spee... | Chegg.com. Answer to A 1500-kg elevator moves upward with constant speed through a vertical distance of 25m. How much work was done by the te... Skip Navigation. 3 Upward motion of elevator. Upward motion of elevator contains three stages: Initial stage with upward acceleration: When the elevator is starting to move upward (from a lower floor to an upper floor), the initial net force acting on it must be upward (provided by increased tension on the cable, T>Mg). and opposite to the impulse of the ball due to the wall { +1.34 kg m/s. (d) If the ball is in contact with the wall for 7.6 ms, the average force on the ball is Favg = J t = 1:34 kgm/s0:0076 s = 1:76 103 N (3) A railroad car moves at a constant speed of 3.20 m/s under a grain elevator. Grain drops into the car at a rate of 540 kg/min. (a) What ...
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