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Mozzie Stop Mosquito Dunks - Ten Pack (Information Sheet )(MSDS ) Bti - Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis is a group of bacteria used for the biological control of mosquito larvae (1st instar - to early 4th instar).
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This professional grade ProVent bee suit is designed to provide the highest level of comfort and protection. Durable synthetic fabric provides outstanding breath-ability and durability that will keep you cool in the bee yard season after season.
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Dust mites themselves do not cause an allergic reaction, however, their dung-pellets are an irritant to sensitive people and can cause breathing difficulties. They thrive in warm, humid, dark conditions such as mattresses, carpets, sheets, pillows, and upholstery.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Tempo Ultra WP - 420 grams. Tempo Ultra WP has a fast knockdown kill, meaning the minute they come in contact with the insecticide they will die. Tempo Ultra WP will leave no to almost no residue when sprayed and odorless. Tempo Ultra WP will last up to 30 days, continuously killing pests. Version: 1.0 Revision Date: 08/08/2019 SDS_US - RE1000008366 1/14 SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Identification Product identifier: DON-O-MITE FOAMING CLEANER Other means of identificationIn rabbits Revolution can be used for the treatment, control and prevention of fleas (Ctenocephalides sp.)and the treatment and control of ear mites (Otodectes cynotis). Revolution for Cats used to treat rabbits. What is the active ingredient in Revolution and how does it work? Revolution contains selamectin.
Page : 2 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Revision nr : 2 Date : 20 / 7 / 2010 Supersedes : 7 / 7 / 2009 FLORAMITE 240 SC C0122-C0082-UK 4. First aid measures First-aid measures First aid general: In the event of any complaints or symptoms, avoid further exposure.
Tomato Russet Mite, Bean Spider Mite, Two Spotted Mite SA, WA, VIC, TAS only 200 to 300g Apply when pest or disease is first seen and repeat as necessary. Use the higher rate in crops with a large leaf cover or when conditions favour disease or mite development. Powdery Mildew Rust QLD only 350g Powdery Mildew, Rust, Tomato Russet Mite, ADAMS EAR MITE TREATMENT MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Product and Company Identification Product Code: 2724-734-270 Product Name: ADAMS EAR MITE TREATMENT Manufacturer Information Company Name: Distributed by: Farnam Companies, Inc. 301 West Osborn Road Phoenix, AZ Emergency Contact: CHEMTREC (800)424-9300 Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Hammered spray paint gives a distinctive look that hides flaws and imperfections found in scratched, rusted or pitted metals. Can be applied directly over rust.
Jan 01, 2014 · MSDS Online. The following sites have material safety data sheets available online. Some require you to know the name of the actual chemical while others may have cross references by product name and/or manufacturer name. MSDS On The Net Links to a variety of online MSDS resources, software, etc. Cornell University's MSDS On The Internet MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET APISTAN® ANTI-VARROA MITE STRIP Manufacturer: Wellmark International Address: 1501 E. Woodfield Rd., Suite 200 W, Schaumburg, IL 60173 Emergency Phone: 1-800-248-7763 Transportation Emergency Phone: CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Product Name: Apistan® Anti-Varroa Mite Strip
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