Socket buffer size

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The total per-socket buffer space reserved for sends. This is unrelated to SO_MAX_MSG_SIZE and does not necessarily correspond to the size of a TCP send window. SO_SNDLOWAT
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Dec 06, 2019 · DatagramPacket(byte[] b, int size) It specifies a buffer that will receive the data and the size of a packet. DatagramPacket(byte[] b, int offset, int size) It allows you to specify an offset into the buffer at which data will be stored. DatagramPacket(byte data[], int size, InetAddress add1 , int port1)
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In most of the cases, the size of the transmitted files is the same, including the md5 hash. In other few, the downloaded file is a little bigger than the original but just for few bytes, I don't know why.
On some systems you can tweak a kernel parameter to increase the buffer sizes-- that may help. ALso what is the SIZE of each sendto() buffer? If you send HUGE bufferloads, the system may temporarily be unable to digest the whole buffer, while it might have been able to swallow a smaller buffer. Jul 15, 2019 · When to Change the Buffer Size. While we all want as little latency as possible, the buffer size is dependent on a number of things such as how many plug-ins are loaded on a track, and the computer’s processing power. If the buffer size is too low, you may encounter errors during playback or may hear clicks and pops.
> > > solved by increasing the socket buffer size. But it doesn't work for me. > I > > > think 8M is a crazily large size :(> > > > Post a small program demonstrating your problem. > > (I'd test udp receive with netcat too) > > --> > vda > > > > - > > To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe linux-kernel" in
The recvfrom() function applies to any datagram socket, whether connected or unconnected. Parameter Description socket The socket descriptor. buffer The pointer to the buffer that receives the data. length The length in bytes of the buffer pointed to by the buffer parameter. If the MSG_CONNTERM flag is set, the length of the buffer must be zero ... Sets the size of the data portion of the TCP/IP receive buffer in OPTVAL. The size of the data portion of the receive buffer is protocol-specific. If the requested size exceeds the allowed size, the following situation occurs: If the protocol is TCP, a return value of -1 and errno of ENOBUFS is set. The receive buffer size is unchanged.
Oct 29, 2014 · Specific details depends on the way you use sockets, but basically this is your software responsibility to match what the server send and the client receive (or the other way around). The size of the socket receive buffer. The value of this socket option is an Integer that is the size of the socket receive buffer in bytes. The socket receive buffer is an input buffer used by the networking implementation. It may need to be increased for high-volume connections or decreased to limit the possible backlog of incoming data.
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